Our Kitchen

I have received a few comments from people saying that they would like to bake or cook more but they don’t really have the space. I am here to tell you that no matter how big your kitchen is you can bake.

Our house is an old bungalow, built in 1952, and is about 1100 sq feet, so the kitchen is small. I find though it is a pretty good size for us. It makes us only have items that are essential, so not having 3 toasters and 5 coffee machines.

When we did buy the house in 2014 we did a complete renovation, the house had some interesting elements to it like a sunshine ceiling, a lot of dusty rose throughout and some awesome wood panelling in the basement. Granted the people that lived in the house before us were quite old, so I get the wood panelling and dusty rose.

We got custom cabinets built and tried to utilize the space as best we could and I think we did a pretty good job doing it. Would I love more counter space and possibly an island? Of course, I would however we don’t have the space.

So keep this in mind, no matter the size of the kitchen you can still bake in it!