The 5 Baking Trends of 2020 I’m Excited For!

The year is almost 50 days in and some of the baking trends that we are seeing for 2020 are pretty impressive. They range from some really unique new flour options to infusion of your favourite coffee/tea to cannabis.

Here are 5 of the top trends in baking for 2020 that I am excited to play around with and hopefully come up with some really great recipes!

The Hour of Flour – It seems like every other day there is a new flour coming out, Almond, Rice, Banana, Beet, Pumpkin, Mango even Coffee flour. Some of these I think will be great for adding some unique flavors to some special treats. It is also fantastic that there are so many more options for people that can not have regular flour!

Coffee And Tea Infused – This is the one I am the most excited to try! This will be a great way to add different flavours to your favourite bread and desserts. From Earl Grey to some of the more unique/seasonal flavours like Pumpkin or Lavender. I think loaves and cakes infused with teas will be delicious. Think of an Earl Grey loaf or a cake with Passion Fruit infused icing! My mouth is watering already.

Middle Eastern – The Middle East has some of the most exotic flavours, ingredients and desserts. It is not surprising that the baking world is taking notice of it. Move past your typical baklava, and keep your eyes open for treats featuring ingredients like saffron, tahini and pomegranate along with twists on traditional desserts. Imagine a chocolate cake with pomegranate icing or filled with pomegranate syrup!

Smokey and Savoury – Another one that I am very excited to try! Some bakeries have become somewhat creative with their sweet treats while leaning into the traditional side of bread. Adding smokey and savoury flavours to these will create something really quite unique, and I personally think, will appeal to a large audience.

Cannabis Infused – With the legalization of cannabis in Canada now heading into its second year, I think this will be the year where people really start to incorporate cannabis into cooking and baking. Whichever side you stand on, I’m sure you will see some amazing creations using cannabis that will make your typical pot brownies a thing of the past.

Let me know what baking trends you are excited to try in 2020, or if there is one you think I missed please let me know!